Why Choose FairBridge?

We offer an excellent branding & technology platform many hotels have embraced as the complete ROI solution. If you are interested in branding with FairBridge, call us today & find out if our turnkey platform outperforming the competition in markets everywhere is also the right choice for your hotels.

FairBridge is Fast.

FHI conversion teams can have many hotels live, bookable and branded in less than a month. We've had some locations up & running in a few short weeks so joining FairBridge has never been easier for hotels & motels of all sizes in all locations.

FairBridge is Forward.

FHI invests in industry leading technologies & talented people to drive our success. From our low-cost Global Distribution Platform to our guest-centric feedback systems, FairBridge provides the tools needed to get ahead & stay ahead of the competition.

FairBridge is Growth.

From one modest location in Washington six years ago, Fairbridge has already grown into a brand with over $100 million in assets under license across the United States and a globally recognized name that grows each day.

FairBridge is Business.

ROI is our core product and so we designed the FairBridge model to help you capture greater savings and fuel higher earnings.